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New and Used pieces: New pieces come directly from sets. Used pieces comes from everywhere else. I sort out anything that is heavily played with. Pieces with heavy scratches, discolored, and bite marks are the first to go. If something is wrong with a piece it will be marked AS-IS, with a description about it.

Invoicing: I pull the order before I sent an invoice. If there is something wrong with the piece, I want the buyer to know about it up front. I will send a Removal Request, that once accepted, will remove the problem piece from the order. I can’t remove the piece without the buyer’s permission. I can’t add a piece to the order without the buyer having to go through the checkout process again.

Packing: I separate New and Used pieces. I won’t put each lot one bag, I won’t put each lot into separate bags. If the buyer has packing requirements, please let me know. Everyone packs differently on Bricklink so we might not meet your expectations if you don’t let us know. Check out my pictures of how I pack my orders. 

How Your Order Is Packed

Shipping: I usually ship the next day an order is paid for, same day if the order is paid for my 11am Pacific Time. I don’t ship on the weekends. I need some time away. Orders paid after 11am Friday, Saturday and Sunday will ship on Monday.

Questions? Please ask if you have any questions about your order during any time of the order process. If you want to know how much the shipping is on the order. Ask for Quote on the checkout page and I will send a shipping quote. 

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My first sets were the Classic Space sets, the Galaxy Explorer was my favorite. Trying to get the pieces to build the sets that I never had, but making my own models and structures is what I enjoy the most. I have grand ideas of what to build and I need lots of pieces. Getting the pieces that I need, leads to getting too many pieces that I don't need. That is why I am here.

Living in the Seattle area, I saw the space needle everyday and wanted to build a large version of it. You can see it Here! It took a long time and lots of pieces but is currently the largest I have built. I am currently planning future projects and I hope that I can start working on them soon. Finding time away from the bricks is necessary. Building is a hobby but so is writing, but nothing brick related. Science fiction is my favorite, so that makes sense that the Classic Space sets are my favorite. After lots of years on and off working on, I finally finished my first book in a series. DeAlynn Enterprises: The Artemis Project is available in print and digital on Amazon.


Last Updated: 1 Apr 2017